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Business planning


Do. Not. Start. Business. Without. A. Business. Plan. If you ask why, probably it’s not Business Management Hungary whose help you need now. And if you do not understand why, please just believe us: you do not have to start your business in abroad. Indeed, you shouldn’t start business anywhere at all yet.
If you get the importance of it, we can go on. You can do it yourself or you can intrust with us. Basically you just have to provide us data. Knowing your own business area, you have to estimate the expected monthly revenues and you have to specify some of the monthly costs –separeted by types (fixed and variable costs). Such as salaries, office rent, etc. This is sufficient by your side. All the rest we can obtain for you. Or by knowing the prices of each expenses or by asking for offers. If you don’t know or you are not sure in the relevant rate of an expense, for example in case of salaries, we can advice you. Finally, based on all your data, considering VAT and other taxation rules, we will make for you the business plan while analyzing the break even point.

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Tax calculation



Either having a business plan already or not, you might be interested in the amount of taxes you will pay by your business activity. The bad news is that without a business plan no one will be able to make you a good tax calculation. The good news is that we tell you a „secret” now: DO NOT believe those who say that calculating the taxes are just deducting the expenses from the incomes, you take the 2% and the 10% (or 19%), and you are ready. Why? First, because this will be just a raw estimation, not a calculation. Second, with just a little bit of responsible care we can make a legal planning and optimization what might save you a lot of money.

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