Business Management Hungary

Business Management Hungary is a business management agency. We help foreign companies and entrepreneurs to start their business in Hungary.

This is also our mission: to help those “expatreneurs” who wish business and invest in Hungary or to start their new life in the European Union.
Business nowadays is not easy. Complicated rules, high taxes, many acts and edicts which rule the operation of two business between two countries. Especially if one of these two countries is out of the EU. With Business Management Hungary we solve these problems and bring solution to the everyday challenges.

Such as if we talk about both immigration or business immigration. With our partner in this issue, we make the life of our Clients easier with 30 years of experience.

Business responsibly
At Business Management Hungary we work exclusively with tried, reliable partners who are on their filed for a decade or in many cases even more. What we state is a fact. No hidden details, no untaken responsibility. If there is a question we may not answer, we ask for a little more time to figure out the right answer or to bring you the best, up-to-date solution. We will not come with stories and excuses. We sleep well if you sleep well.

We do what we teach. Just look at our website. Our posts. Our marketing. Our operation. Our Professional board. Just look at us! We believe in partnership, in organized work methods. We believe in win-win situations. Anyway, how could we cooperate with such a great partners like we do now?

And lastly, we undertake our face. We are who we are. Business Management Hungary is consistent.

Business Management Hungary - Business in Hungary

Adorján Tóth, founder and owner

Bespoke solution plans
At Business Management Hungary we confess: cooperation in business must be personal. Both in the meaning of the approach and in the meaning of the tailor made solutions. We are not working with “box products”. Every time, before offering a solution plan for you, we listen to you, more than one time if needed, in order to exactly understand your needs.

Our competence has a wide range. We offer services from the business planning through the company incorporation till the real, operative implementation and functioning. We offer consultation, but our main strength is that we help to make your plans and goals come true. After all, either big ideas and the best advices worth nothing without realization, aren’t they?

Business Management Hungary - Business in Hungary

We solve problems
No one is perfect. Out of the predictable challenges all the time some new might come up, some problem might occur. Business Management Hungary is at your service to make these problems solved. We are here to mobilize all of our power and business network to help you to success.

We specify our own scope
Business Management Hungary’s target group is SMEs. Of course we could be at service of every sized companies – and so we do upon request. Especially if we are assigned with searching real estates, for example factories. But our experience is that on the daily basis we can serve those companies the most effectively to whom money, time and effectiveness matters. Or, because all these matters to everybody, with other words: who do not start up with millions of euros.

What this means in practice?
We have to power to take you to specialists. If you need custom law, you will get a custom law specialist. If you have problem in the media industry -you will get a media specialist lawyer.

Or we can make your audit done by a smaller accountant office a little bit slower but cheaper and also we can make it done for you by a branch of an international office if this is your wish.

Do you want to build an international corporation? We will not waste your time with a family law specialized attorney or someone whose specialty is the Labor Code. You will meet a corporate lawyer.

Do you need marketing campaign? Ok, let us know the goal and the plans, and we deliver you a marketing agency or a freelancer SEO/Google/etc. specialist, depending on your needs.

Renovating an immovable, configuring your shop, looking for employees, talking to the local public agencies, seeking for subcontractors or hunting up the best procurement options… We know how to accomplish.

Business Management Hungary
We really hope that the message went through. We can be friends, we prefer being friends. But in business there is no friendship. So in one hand we keep the right to chose which project we take. But in the other hand we won’t neither feel offended if not this style and work method is what you are looking for. The final goal for everybody is to reach success and to be happy, isn’t it?

How may Business Management Hungary be at your service?

Would you like to start your business in Hungary? Would you need fully comprehensive information for launching your company? We suggest you the below service of ours:


Would you relocate to Hungary? Because of a work or business? Maybe with your family? Would you buy Investor Residency Bonds? We suggest you the below service of ours:


Do you want us to make a business plan for your company foundation? Would you need market research? Would you like to get tax consultation for you future- or existing venture? We suggest you the below service of ours:


Are you looking for a solution for a business problem related to your Hungarian firm not listed above? Give us a chance to help You!


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