Starting business in Hungary

Starting business in Hungary, or generally in a foreign country is always full with questions.

Taxation, local rules and habits, local purchasing power. Market research, business planning, tax calculation. Employment, marketing and PR activity. Vendors, subcontractors. And a lot more what will have effect on your business.

If you easily bring decisions and if you want to avoid wasting time: order your e-book and in minutes you will have all the information what will help you to see how starting business in Hungary is going!


Do you need more information? Here is a question:
What is the difference between almost all the data on the internet about starting business in Hungary (or immigration in Hungary) AND Business Management Hungary’s information?

The added value.

What are:
– the personal approach, the “face” (if this still means anything in business life)
– translation (yeah, we have seen website about immigration to Hungary written in Hungarian…)
– easily understandable idioms (I prefer not to use professional terminology)
– examples from the judiciary practice (yes, from REAL LIFE)
– lifelike, practical advices
– logical set-up
– update and HEUREKA guarantee (Don’t you understand? I will explain you. Still not? So again. And again and again…)
– and of course the price (Outstanding price-value ratio!):
a, the full topic in a written format is much cheaper than an hourly consultation fee
b, in case of a long time cooperation or a full project engagement we DEDUCT its price from the final assignment fee

“Information is precious. Information is the distilled, curated, analyzed, interpreted and collated version of raw data. The expert infopreneur has the skills and knowledge to go after sources of data, sift through the mess, and come up with the rare golden nuggets – and then present them to an audience in a way that is easy to consume, and of tangible value to them.”

(Dr. Mani)


If you don’t handle the above you will get confused and it might occur that you give up your plans still before start them.

How you can get the solution? We created for you this collection of relevant and up-to-date collection of data about starting business in Hungary and named to:


„Business Management Hungary – Review about starting business in Hungary”™

Why you will love it and what are the BENEFITS?


  • The ONLY written review what makes the difference between data and information. Information = data + added value. Added value = collecting, translating, ordering, systematizing logically, giving lifelike examples.
  • The ONLY written review we found in the market what gives you more than raw general facts in an EASILY UNDERSTANDABLE style.
  • The MOST manageable collection of data turned into useful and relevant, up-to-date information.
  • PRICE-VALUE rate is excellent as you can get it MUCH CHEAPER than the hourly consultation fee.
  • You will SAVE TIME and avoid headache.
  • You can get ALL from one place.
  • GIFT: If any updates are coming, if any relevant change will be made in the related law, you will get the update automatically for FREE!

The „Business Management Hungary – Review about starting business in Hungary”™ is ONLY 60 EUR and you can ask for it NOW:


The „Business Management Hungary – Review about starting business in Hungary”™ includes:

  • Description about Hungary
  • The benefits of starting a company in Hungary
  • 16 considerable points of a company foundation
  • Estimated expenses of each points (where it is possible to estimate)
  • Information about buying Real Estate
  • 9+1 additional costs and data what will be useful while your are making your decision to start your company in Hungary


How you can get „Business Management Hungary – Review about starting business in Hungary”™ for FREE? If you will give us permanent assignment this price will be deducted from our first monthly price.


And to ensure you that all the information will be clear: we offer you „100% HEUREKA GUARANTEE” meaning that if you will have questions regarding the facts you read, you can write us in e-mail and will explain it even more detailed.


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