A new brand is born – rebranding

Should I be proud of rebranding my company before it actually started at all? Well, I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t but definitely I am. Why?

I am a kind of guy who takes many things on him very seriously. This includes the fact, regardless that most of the beginner entrepreneurs fall in this mistake, that I was thinking on my company like she would be my child. A post about my rebranding.


As many books and writers -just like the common sense- say: your company has to be for you and not you are for your company. In the beginning, like I felt the same, it was not easy to leave her. Not to go of course: I just had to change the brand.

The brand was called Business Management Budapest. I gave this name because I had experience, relationships and business network in the capital of Hungary. I knew everything here. Especially on retail field. Contacts. Prices. Relevant estimated incomes. Traffic -separeted floor by floor in each malls. So it looked obvious to give a name what suggests my field of specialization.

Few years later, since the company was kind of sleeping as I had my CEO jobs collaterally, this year I met with a new friend of mine who showed me that marketing can be measurable and much more exact sience that I have ever imagined. And she showed me why it would be smart to not to limit myself just to the capital but let’s “use” all the country. And after thinking on this for days I realized that she was right. To be honest just the “raw marketing reason” would not had been enough to make this decision.

In a profession and in a business like this where personal recommendation (and consistency and trust and authenticitiy and responsibility) are at least as important as the marketing … there should had been more factors to consider. And there were.

1, Marketing

Let’s start with this. After several key word researching and concurence examinations I figured out:

-what I am doing much better than some other companies on my field

-also I realized that some who I thought are my competitors are not

-I have to expand my field of specialization (this was the investment market’s request)

-I had to change my beloved brand’s name

This is the process or a part of the way how the new brand, Business Management Hungary finally was born. New name, new logo, new company structure, a slogen, new, reconsidered and rebuilt website. It took a while that I cleared up the whole idea but finally it happened.

2, Logo


It was a nightmare first that I have to replan my logo what was quite minimal and expressive by my opinion. But fortunately the new logo gave itself: I just changed a letter. BmanB was maybe a little bit easier to pronounce but … I already used to the new, what’s more: the more time is passing by the less time I say BmanB instead of BmanH. Progression!

3, Building a team

Renaissance people do not exist anymore. Each part of business life has it’s own experts. So instead of going on like a one person consultant company with a personal expert status I decided to build a Professional board. With this almost all fields of business life are covered by Business Management Hungary and it’s partners. This was one of the biggest change. (After the logo.) :)

4, Website

The face and the basic outlook stayed the same, I just had to make two changes. First was to show obviously my Professional board and to give place for the extended fields of specialization (investments). Second change was to make easier finding the basic answers about forming a company, company founding costs, taxation, etc. for everybody by his own interests.

5, Slogen

Not I chose my slogen. My slogen chose me. Meaning not “thug life jokes” but really I didn’t plan to have a slogen. One day at dawn I woke up with this sentence in my mind: “Doing business responsibly”. -From where and why? -I asked myself. And the raison came from my very first client who I met in the name of my company a few years ago. He told that I was the first in his business life in Hungary who do not want to find excuses why I couldn’t take responsibility on the facts and advices I am telling him. And I never wrote legal excuses with small letters to the end of my e-mails why “I don’t take responsibility for the written things above”.

On the whole finally I was kind of making a new company -out of the basic idea. Now I am just about to finish the new website (99% ready), fill up all the missing contents and launch it. All this process was very interesting and edifying. And of course I am waiting big result from this change.

Good luck, Business Management Hungary!


Business Management Hungary


published on LinkedIn 08/06/2015 by Business Management Hungary