Estates in the Váci street

This discount –related to the Váci utca (Váci street) and the prime business locations in Budapest – it might be worth even tens of millions of forints.

For the interest of those who are interested in purchasing or renting immovable in Budapest, in the famous Váci utca (Váci street), Deák Square, Fashion street, Vörösmarty Square or more prime locations.


We have information about several public and non-yet public possibilities about more immovable, matching to be shops, restaurants, money exchanges, etc. You don’t know what is Váci utca? Have you already heard about the Mariahilfer Straße in Wien? The Fifth Avenue in New York City? Do you have the Rodeo Drive? Well, what is Bond Street for London, that is Váci street for Budapest.


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Váci street (photo by Business Management Hungary


„Váci Street is probably the most famous pedestrian street of Pest, an integral part of the historical city center, and a shopping zone in the center of the city’s social and business life. For several generations the neighborhood equals exclusivity, international brands and often their only store in the country. Váci Street is the scene of vibrating social life, promenading, sightseeing among historical buildings, a setting for meeting friends and for rendezvous. Like an ageless lady, who despite her years never fails to attract, Váci Street stretches across the inner city of Pest absorbing and embracing many charming little streets and alleys.

Today’s Váci Street was formed by the merging of several public areas in 1899, when it received its current name. From the 1980s its northern part (north of Elizabeth Bridge) has become a pedestrian street. Thanks to the urban development projects of the last few years the southern, less prestigious part of the street was also turned into a promenade. Currently over 500 different shops, services and hospitality facilities are available for visitors in Váci Street.” –as we can read at „”.


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