About accidental meetings – not business related but interesting

Something not so business related but still interesting in the life of Business Management Hungary. Have something like this happened to you yet?

Accidental meetings as weird things happen. In a good and in a bad meaning as well. This week it looks one good happens with me: 4 days in a raw. Actually … we could say 5, if we do not take in consideration the last weekend. I just can not wait for tomorrow. Let me explain what I am talking about.


This Monday I called a restaurant for an offer regarding a family event of ours. The “old” lady was more than nice with me. Started to explain why she will just be able to give the offer in a few hours from now (I did not expect it right during the call!). She told me that she lives in Switzerland and out of the touristic season she works there in a private clinic. During the season she leads her restaurant next to the Balaton. She was open minded, open hearted, and in a few hours I got the offer.
But the mail she sent me: all the style, the mood was more than friendly, she invited me for a coffee regardless of the fact that I will order from her or not. Still we write to each other. Wow!, I told myself. I want to be the same in this age of mine.

Ok, we might say, accidental meetings might happen once in a while. But after the next day…

I am willing to buy a car. I was searching for one on the internet when I found a good one. I sent mail to the owner to ask for some more details and photos. I sent a plenty of questions, but the way he answered: was long, detailed, polite, did not hide any of the problems or small mistakes on the car. Like I would had written the answer for myself. What’s more: they are waiting for a newborn baby (like us), this is the reason why they need a new car (like us), and he uses the same plastic boxes in the trunk what I use to keep a nice order in the car. Regardless of I will buy his car or not, we meet in a few days to get to know each other. Eh, and finally, he works in the medicine, and what a coincidence: I used to got to medical university.

Ok, we might say, accidental meetings might happen once in a while. But after the next day…

I got a suggestion from one of my partners to meet an accounting office as I am all the time looking for reliable partners to work with.  Ok, why not. Well, instead of the usual introduction discussion I was talking for almost two hours with the CEO lady who showed me a dozen of photos of his son, was born where my mom and probably they know each other… and, in the same day I found a connection point with her regarding an investment project what was perfectly out of our main topics before the first meeting.

Ok, we might say, accidental meetings might happen once in a while. But after the next day…

As I do not have a car, I was sitting on the bus on the way back to the city, when a young boy sit next to me. I was sitting like there were no place next to me, but when I saw him, I just gave him the place. It was an automatic movement. We almost arrive to the final stop, when I realized a booklet of a motorbike shop where I have already purchased things (yes, I am a biker). I fell into conversation with him. He has Honda like I had, and we were continuing our way towards the same direction. Keeping up the conversation, it came to light that … he lives in the same street like I live.

WHAT? How all this come? How come, that for weeks nothing like this happens, and after suddenly EVERY DAY I meet or talk to someone who looks like I know for a long time, or like we are friends for years? Or these accidental meetings would be unaccidental? Should I buy a lottery?

In the beginning I mentioned that if we do not mind the weekend, we could say that this happened last Friday, when I met to adorable girls on an event I participated (Business Wine). We saw already each other on previous events but somehow we did not start talking. But last Friday: 1,5 hours plus after a small break another 1 hour. Like old friends.

Please, someone explain me how these things come to our life? And what I can expect from tomorrow this way?

Oh, I almost forgot another important, but at least a lovely thing. This week I also get a gift from the 6 years old daughter of one of my clients. She drew it while I was talking to her mom. She just “photocopied” what she saw in the restaurant, around herself. What a gorgeous gift, isn’t it?

business management hungary child draw cut

So this is/was my week. I am wondering what comes next.


“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.”

(Paulo Coelho)


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