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Business Management Hungary’s job now looks more than important. Not just basically the foreign companies but for the country, for the Hungarian government as well.

I got in my hands one of the last Budapest Business Journal (BBJ) with the President of HIPA on the cover. I am all the time very interested about the news and trends in my field. To be honest, I did not read too many news, but summarizing the article: Hungary needs Business Management Hungary!

HIPA, or on its full name Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency is founded by the Government. Its main role and job is dual as it is also written in the article:

1. attract foreign direct investment (FDI) into the country and

2. giving professional assistance to the foreign companies.

Of course, their main target group is big businesses so we do not “cross” each other’s path. Business Management Hungary’s main target group is micro-, small and medium size (SME) companies. But in the end, the goal and the interests are the same: to attract foreign investors to Hungary and to help them in starting a business in Hungary. And in effect: in the EU.

Cover of BBJ. (Sudden photo had been shot by Business Management Hungary)

Cover of BBJ. (Sudden photo had been shot by Business Management Hungary)

I do not want to talk about their results detailed: they are acting well and year by year aiming higher and higher number of projects and close them successfully while creating jobs –especially in the developing regions of Hungary.

Why I mention all this? The article in the BBJ, the HIPA and all this topic? Because, among others:

– I am happy that I am going with a flow which is strongly supported by the government as well.

– I also feel “on my skin” week by week the enquiry of investors.

– Their experience is a good feedback for me that starting a business in Hungary and the Hungarian Residency Bond Program are both working, attractive and worth to handle them.

So what we can say to the end?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

(Benjamin Franklin)

Referring to the words of Benjamin Franklin and turning them a little bit out: as you just added some small thing to your knowledge by reading this post, you practically started your investment with Business Management Hungary!

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published on LinkedIn 12/04/2016 by Business Management Hungary