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What is a business management agency? By definition an agency is a fiduciary relationship between two parties in which one (the “agent”) is under the control of (is obligated to) the other (the “principal”) . The agent is authorized by the principal to perform certain acts, for and on behalf of the principal. –as we can read at Business Dictionary.
Or, it might also mean a business that provides a particular service or a government department that is responsible for a particular or specific activity or area.

So, if we mix the meanings and compare against business management, we will get a business management agency.

Based on Business Management Hungary’s online research, there is no other firm addressed business management agency not just in Hungary but not in the World. You might say: probably there is the reason. I could say: there were times when the wheel didn’t exist. There is a lot of sense working with an agency specified to a given field. Business Management Hungary’s main strenght is to help foreign companies to expand and to start their business in Hungary.

Business Management Hungary - Business Management Agency

Business Management Hungary – Business Management Agency

Let’s see why working with a business management agency is a smart solution. Or, with different words, what are the benefits of working with us?

Save money and time
Even if we talk about procurement, or employing a CEO, or trying to find subcontractors, you can save a lot of money and time by asking help from a local expert who already has the connections and relationships.
Buying stuff, may it be whatever, might cost less than the average market price if someone who already brought customers to the seller represents you and will ask for the offer. Especially if it is something what dwindles fast or what every company buys.
Also, employing a local CEO looks logical, but the employment taxes in Hungary are high. Why not to pay for an interim manager, or an assigned agent who will act in your company’s name while the invoice you will get is fully deductible as an expense and you do not have to pay further taxes on it? And you neither have to deal with the Labor Code.
As for subcontractors: do not fall into the mistake to work with average companies. In Hungary this may mean lazy, mistrustful ones. Or those who are willing to make THE business on one job. Let us find for you those who will push forward your company.

Other reason why you will be able to save even more money is that an agency can keep its prices low. It doesn’t necessarily have to maintain an office. Doesn’t have to work with several employees. And as it works for more Clients it is able to divide its fix costs what also results a specific cost reduction.
Professional board

Instead of employees an agency works with subcontractors and strategical partners. Specified lawyers, accountants, auditors, immigration advisers, marketing-, PR- and online presence (SEO) experts, business development and financial specialists, real estate service providers, office building operators, people with great references in the field of HR and coaching, etc. And we still didn’t mention their business relationships, what together makes a really wide business network. At your service.

Remote controlling
If someone owns an international business he might travel from country to country, from one continent to another very often. Because of this, and also because of immigration matters, it makes controlling a business much more effective and easy if you have to be in touch with one person or with one local company who takes care of your business.

We know the market
If you are coming with your international team, they might bring the company values, the inner habits and the international experience, what are all very important. But in lack of the local cultural and market experience they might get disappointed and stay without results. Plus, with this advantage we can help your entry to the market being much faster.

Reducing administrative burdens
By letting the administrative obligations to a business management agency you might get rid of the payroll and any other administrations. In some cases you can eliminate them totally.

So with all the advantages, Business Management Hungary implements this sound and conscious optimizing and efficiency increasing point of view during its job.

There are many kind of agencies. Just in business life we can list marketing, PR, model, communication, advertising, sales, retail, etc. agencies. From now on we can distinguish business management agency as well.

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