Business Management Hungary: behind the scenes – part 1

How Business Management Hungary solves problems? –case study and behind the scenes in two parts.

As Business Management Hungary proudly sais: we solve problems. Even if everybody knows that it’s very important –if not the most important: we don’t just talk about it. We do it. Every day. With all of the possible and legal tools.




Many of our Clients ask us before give us the assignment: how we can reach those special results or how we can make so cost effective research works? The answer is simple: flexibility. Even if in one side we have our processes and policies, in the other side we live in the real life and work is not smelling for us. In this post we are going to tell an example by showing you a case study and we will show some of our tactics: how we work behind the scenes. You will see: sometimes you do not have to overcomplicate things, the solution might be as easy as ABC.


A question about investment in Hungary

A Client sent us a question in chat message. You know, on the right-bottom corner of our  website. (Be calm if we are not online: we get those messages in e-mail every time.) It looks like this wen we are offline:

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The question was about an optional investment in Hungary. She found an immovable in a small village what is about 160 km from the capital, Budapest and what had been advertised by a UK seated real estate agency. They tried to get in touch with that agency – also by e-mail – but no one answered him. This is how she started to find help regarding that business opportunity. This is how she found Business Management Hungary.

The main question was that the estate, what was a pub for sale with apartments included, was a good opportunity or not? Another question was that this opportunity would be enough to cover the subsidence of her family?

Even if our prior field of action is in Budapest, we all the time examine the specific questions to see if we can find answers and solution. And even if sometimes there area is as hard nuts as it does not worth to work them out, this time we found all the needed information.


Our business management agency’s solution for a Client who was about starting a business in Hungary

First of all we checked the village itself as we have never had there any business we had accomplished before. We found that the village has a population of just 800 and it is quite far from the capital -usually this is not a good sign as Hungary is still quite one poled. Even if there is a small lake there (Tisza lake) what might attract some tourists both from Hungary and from abroad.

Second, the village is in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county (in the middle of Hungary) what was the fourth worth on the list of the average salaries in the country in 2014. There is no county seat close enough, the only bigger city is neither big enough to keep the people in the area so we can not really count on the purchasing power of the local habitants. So shortly: the situation did not look good at all.

We did have two choices. The first was that we listened to our primary intuitions (what were in real not just simple intuitions but they were based on numbers) and gave the negative answer. The second was that we dig ourselves a little bit deeper in the topic and … we would see. (To be honest we did not expect too much success.)

Well, of course, we chose the second option.

If you are interested in the way and method how we had found the final solution and answer, HERE you can read it.


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