Business Management Hungary: behind the scenes – part 2

How Business Management Hungary solves problems? –case study and behind the scenes in two parts.

As Business Management Hungary’s slogan sais: we solve problems. Let’s see how we solved a problem of one of our Client. She was inquiring about a business possibility she found on a UK real estate website. HERE is the first part, below is to continuation.


After deciding to dig ourselves a little bit deeper in the topic we made a plan how to get more information. First we had to find something on what we could start the research. And what a luck we did have: on the photos of the inn its name was visible. We started to look for an address, a website, a phone number. But, and this is also a sign of the differences between the capital and other small townships, there were nothing. No website, no Facebook or other social media page of the inn, neither two words anywhere. So what we could do? We had to find someone who knows the area, the village, maybe this specific place as well. Let’s call the local government.


In a small village everybody knows everybody -as the saying says. But a few minutes before 4 pm (and of official working hours) nobody answered the phone already. Hm… what’s coming next?

We had to find someone who lives there. On the Facebook we found the page of the village with news and information, but just about events. This is what we needed. We called a lady who advertised her self-knowledge session. We told her who we were and why we called her. She was extremely nice, and even if she was not living in that place, well, guess what? She knew the deputy major there and sent his cell phone number to us. How helpful she was, wasn’t she?

The man who answered the phone was also unexpectedly helpful. Not just knew the owner but also promised that he will call him. Before we had told goodbye to each other he still mentioned that he had thought that the advertisement had not been valid anymore.
Whatever: in one our he called me with the name and the phone number of the present owner.

The owner, of course, was a little bit surprised about the advertisement on the internet. And for first he had not really wanted to be open, asking: why a company from Budapest calls him about private questions? His past as a policeman also made him careful. But, going along the conversation, what we tried to turn as personal as we could, we reached to make him trustful: we broke down his walls.

And we got to know everything we needed. Indeed! He told why and when he bought the estate, how long it took for him to become able to buy it, he told the final buying price – what was 30% less then the advertised buying price! – and the yearly income of the business as well -what was really far from the level what we believed would had been enough for a family to prove that their subsistence is covered buy this opportunity. (This is all the time needed when someone wants to start business in Hungary or to business immigrate to Hungary.)

So shortly, how Business Management Hungary solved the problem of this Client? With direct, personal communication, flexibility and legitimate creativeness. In just two and a half hours. Saving  lot of money and time for the Client.


Do you like the solution? Do you have any questions? Can we do the same for you? Or is there another way how we could be at your service? Feel free to contact Business Management Hungary.



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