Business Management Hungary is growing

Dear Partners, Friends, Clients, Visitors,
In the last 2 weeks I might looked liked being disappeared: for example I haven’t answered some mails right on time but in a day sometimes …

I am proudly announce that Business Management Hungary reached the next stage: we must expand and hire new employees in order to serve our clients on the same quality level.


Also, even if most of the details are still confidentals, I can’t wait to proudly present our new, international client operating in a very big and important industry.




So in one hand it’s time to stop for a second (not for a minute yet) and quietly celebrate a little bit.
Otherwise, in the other hand (wow, this one second passed soooo quickly) we must to spin up, and:

– start working even more harder;

– plan all the steps in order to be able to adapt to the challanges of a bigger company size;

– HIRE the best employees speaking languages, fine with administrative and assistance tasks in a one hundred percent international atmosphere with a high level of flexibility, able to represent the maximalism what we are expecting at Business Management Hungary towards our clients and to their clients.

The detailed tasks about the position(s) are coming soon. In the meanwhile, if you want to do good with a friend of yours who is looking for a job, prepare him/her: one of the best job offer is coming soon. And after, or also in the meanwhile (why not?), all you have to do is just contact us.
Thank you for all!



Business Management Hungary