Business Management Hungary’s new project – Business Wine Hungary – networking part 1.

Business Wine. Have you ever heard about it? I guess no, but I did. This serial networking event started in 2015 and I just visited it first in February, 2016. It was a great decision.

Business Wine is an organized business networking and wine tasting serial event, taking all the time place in a luxury and exclusive venue. The guests are coming from a very wide range of business life: financing, services, HR, investments, and we could list it through infinity.

You could ask: Adorján, haven’t you ever been in a networking event? And I would answer: – Come ooooon, of course I have. But I haven’t been ever in a networking event where I could make as many worthy and valuable, real and living business relationships as here while I could taste my favorite wine type, Cabernet Franc from many wineries from the best relevant wine region in Hungary, Villány.˟ First of all, Business Wine has its own theme for every quarter-year. In 2016, for Q1 it as: “100% Franc, 100% Villány”. It’s another story how I became “wine drinker” and especially how I became “Franc drinker” and it’s not even important now. But finally, it told to myself: – If that many people is talking about it, and if your favorite wine is going to be served, and if still you don’t go: you are fool.  I want to believe that I am not, so I have asked for my ticket.

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And like I told: it was a great decision. After many networking events, after many disappointments about networking, where all the time there are a few people who is pushing selling his goods … Business Wine was completely different. Ok, to be honest, here there were one (1!) person who did some pushy sales but generally all the night was very calm, easy, cozy and elegant. And I met there some friends as well, so there were no way to not to feel good that night. Let me not to talk about the wines long: as a red wine drinker, as mainly a franc drinker I felt in heaven. What’s more: I shortly became open to different types as well, such as merlot, sauvignon, syrah, and I tasted very-very nice and characteristic cuvees  too. So, if my main goal would had been wine tasting, I would say it worth already. But regardless of the wines, Business Wine was great from some other points of view.

The guests

They were really nice people, 95% from SME sector.

Organized networking

Sitting around several tables, talking about yourself, your goals and your field of interest, to whom you are looking for connection, and many times immediately you get suggestions, further questions based on honest inquiry… it’s nice to be in the middle even if just for two minutes.


Two minutes is about 400% more than a “long” elevator pitch, still, if you like to talk about yourself or if you easily vanish in the details, these self-introduction speeches teach you how to confine yourself to the facts, the important and substantive things. And to how to keep your (meeting) partner’s attention.


One of this networking event’s goal is teaching people. About wines and about business. In all the Business Wine events the guests can listen to talks, from the owners of the wineries, from successful businessmen, from partners. I think … I believe that there is no way to take away less than how much the ticket cost.   So, I enjoyed it pretty much. And, I wouldn’t be myself if I wouldn’t have realized a possibility in it. What possibility? Well, it is going to be the topic of the next post!   Quote of the day:  

“It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.”

(Nicholas Sparks, writer of The Notebook)



˟Most relevant from the Cabernet Franc’s point of view, in Hungary.



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published on LinkedIn 24/04/2016 by Business Management Hungary