Investor Residency Bond Program

As many countries in the European Union, also Hungary released its Investor Residency Bond Program in 2013. Obtaining residency permit or in many case citizenship by non-EU or third country citizens is not something new, though there are differences in the programs. Or as always: the devil is in the details.

This practice of kind of selling these permits by the EU member countries allows the investors to live with the relevant Article of the Act about the functioning of the EU, namely to enter, stay and travel freely in the Schengen Zone. Such as starting business. What’s more, this possibility is expanded to the close family members as well.

The conditions are different, what is shown mostly in the price or the amount of the minimal investment and in the subject of the investment. In the last case there are two main options. For example in Greece you have to invest by purchasing immovable. Or for example in case of the  Hungarian Investor Residency Bond Program you have to invest into state bonds, issued by the Government Debt Management Agency. As for the amount we can find a wider scale. But let’s see some benefits of choosing Hungary.

Business Management Hungary - Investor Residency Bond Program

Business Management Hungary – Investor Residency Bond Program

In case of a positive decision by the Immigration Office you will get your residence permit in just 2 weeks.

If you will live with the Hungarian Investor Residency Bond Program you will have to invest 300 000 EUR into state bonds for 5 years (above the subject year of the purchase). The process fee is 60 000 EUR. The bonds do not carry interest and will be redeemed in the end of the maturity.

Your closest family members (spouse and minor children) are included to the process fee up on request FOR FREE.

Comparing the price to other Schengen Visa or Golden Visa options we can say that in the UK the so called “Tier 1” scheme costs 1 000 000 GBP, in Bulgaria more than 500 000 EUR. In Malta it costs 650 000 EUR plus separate payments after the spouse and every other family members. In the end you will get citizenship but for what price? And note that the total procedure is much longer too.

You can start the process both in the closest Hungarian Consulate in your country and of course from Hungary also.

Extra advantages
– No need for living in Hungary -just address is needed.
– No need to prove the background of your subsistence.
– No need of incorporating a company but allowed.
– The cheapest in the EU.
– After 6 months you can apply for national settlement permit.
– After 8 years you can apply for Hungarian citizenship.
– As an investor you may want doing business in Hungary. We can help you starting up.

The Investor Residency Bond Program is granted by the Hungarian State. Also, there is a pre-checking part of the process to see if you match with the relevant EU Acts. That’s why this investor program is not equivalent with money laundering!

More information about the details are available by purchasing our e-book or by consultation with Business Management Hungary.

Based on the information provided by the Hungarian Debt Management Agency, until April, 2016, 3515 Residency Government Bonds had been sold. While only 430 bonds were sold by the end of 2013 and more than 2210 bonds were sold by the end of 2014.

The experience is that the closer we are to the end of the year the higher the number of the inquiries are. So to be sure that still this year you will get through the application process, get in contact with Business Management Hungary as soon as you bring your decision to get your residence permit via the Hungarian Investor Residency Bond Program.

One is for sure: the more time passes, the more countries let third country investors to get residency permit or citizenship, the more and more people will invest into real estates or state bonds, or will start business in Europe, the less good possibilities you will have. Or, as the tendency shows, the more expensive the possibilities are going to cost.

Even if you are still thinking or if you already made your decision, write to us. We have authorized partners with whom we are able to help you through all the process -but not just when we are talking about investor programs.

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