Legal Consultation in Budapest

Legal consultation in Budapest, such as in all over the World is something what people can not let out of consideration before moving to another country, or starting a business overseas.

For starting a business, legal consultation in Budapest also has number one priority. Still before the company foundation itself, such as during all the way till your business success.

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Business Management Hungary as a business management agency provides fully comprehensive legal services. Nine out of ten Clients of ours ask for assistance on corporate law field.

1. The corporate legal services include:

– preliminary legal consultation in Budapest – or in any other city in Hungary-, still before you start your business,

– company foundation process,

– preparing and making contracts, such as labor or lease contracts,

– authority representation,

– real estate related issues,

– generally: consultation services during the daily operative work.

2. The second most frequently asked field of assistance belongs to immigration law. Staying permit, working permit, family unification, residency bond program, and all the possible issues what might come up when it comes to immigration. Both inside or outside of Schengen. Contact us for an offer!

3. Taxation related legal consultation is mostly needed when you need advice about tax planning, for example if your are about to buy a rela estate, when you need representation in wealth gain investigations, or when you just need a perfectly updated expert in the applicable acts to taxation.

Taxation law many times walks hand by hand with customs law. Trading with goods under the customs act is a very frequently upcoming business activity. If you have questions about the duties or custom taxes, contact Business Management Hungary!

4. Media Law, Copyright Law

Legal Consultation in Budapest

Legal Consultation in Budapest

Using media surfaces or just the internet might bring intellectual property related questions to surface. Such as copyright related questions. And we still didn’t talk about producing media products, freedom of expression or press freedom related questions. Whatever is the reason for you, legal consultation with Business Management Hungary in this matter also might provide you invaluable services.

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