Sirha Budapest 2016

Sirha Budapest 2016 had been organized 9-11, May, 2016 in the Hungexpo. Sirha is an international horeca and retail show, exhibition and fair for professionals. This year it gave place to Bocuse d’Or too. Business Management Hungary checked in.

Not just because these events are all the time great opportunities for networking but also because Business Management Hungary is expanding its circle of clients, whose actual interest is to get in touch with exporters, producers, factories and wholesalers.


So anyway we didn’t have a choice, but after all we can say: Sirha is not exclusively a great professional event but a good program as well.


Sirha 2016 in numbers

20 000 visitors.

372 exhibitors.

14 partner meetings.

2 full pavilions.

1 Bocuse d’Or.

1 Hungarian 1st place.

(1 Business Management Hungary.) :)


Hungarian horeca in numbers

25 000 restaurants

19 000 groceries

3 400 patisseries.

1 5000 hypermarkets, supermarkets and discount stores.

398 restaurants in the Gault & Millau restaurant guide.

10th, 13th and 1st Hungarian place at Bocuse d’Or.

4 Michelin starred restaurants.

(1 optional Business Management Hungary. If you want us for example to help you opening your next coffee-shop in Hungary.)


The owner of Business Management Hungary, Adorján Tóth made a short video about the event, from his and from our clients’ point of view. Enjoy! And we will meet next year again.

(And do not be surprised by the little bit of fun in the middle somewhere…) :)





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published on LinkedIn 18/05/2016 by Business Management Hungary