The world is my market

Friday, 13th, May, 2016 was a lucky day in my life. I participated at an event called “A világ a piacom”, The World is my market. For Business Management Hungary the market is exactly “the World”. Everybody from all over the World who is planning to start business in Hungary.

Google Hungary and four of its partners founded this event with the goal: supporting Hungarian companies in their export activity, even if it comes to goods or services. I help companies and entrepreneurs who wants to start business in Hungary. But who help Hungarian entrepreneurs in the opposite situation?


Above some existing possibilities, Google Hungary, MPL (Logistic branch of the Hungarian Post or International Services), BigFish, espell and Budapest Bank created The World is my market initiation what will help Hungarian companies for better competitiveness on external markets.

It’s needed anyway. Why? As they write on their website there are plenty of SMEs and big companies who are doing export activates towards Hungary. Who already started or now days start business in Hungary. This makes them serious participants of the internal retail competition. “On the other hand –even if the competitiveness of the Hungarian economy got better, also its trade surpluses grew last year- still the number of the domestic entrepreneurships who make systematic export activity is low.”


The enquiry is big! (Photo by Adorján Tóth, Business Management Hungary)

The auditorium was almost full (Photo by Adorján Tóth, Business Management Hungary)


Export became the main engine of economic development so helping, educating and supporting the Hungarian SMEs is not just essential but also a very nice example of CSR –if we realize that in Hungary the SMEs bring the economy on their back.


A short video with/by me from the event:


As I mentioned, an event like this is also great for networking. I believe in networking so much. Personal relationship is all the time the strongest and the much more authentic connection. Meaning that I would never suggest anyone to someone without being sure that his job is excellent, he is reliable and will not ruin my renown. So of course I made some relationships here as well, not just with the organizers but also with some of the participants. I really appreciate their job and passion.

People say that if something is not on Google, it doesn’t exist. At least we know already that the chance for Hungarians for export exists!

And again: if you are about to export from Hungary, go, participate and learn from this event! If you are about to start business in Hungary: contact Business Management Hungary!



Business Management Hungary

published on LinkedIn 22/05/2016 by Business Management Hungary