What a surprise…

Looks like I am not alone with the “big questions of life”. At least not on human resources field. Are there answers?

Do you still remember my post about the Recruiting mystery? Then I wrote about my incomprehension regarding the difficulty in hiring good employees. Especially to sales positions.


Now I read an article (it’s hungarian) about the 10 professions are mostly in demand. In 2014 based on EURES’ datas the salesperson was the second most wanted position in Hungary. In Europe it was the forth.

But, and here is a big BUT, as the article sais, demand and supply doesnt really met. Most of the hungarians wanted to be shop assistants, administrators, factory workers, lorry drivers and locksmithes.

So … where is the well trained workforce? And if theese people are ready to work in these kind of jobs: why they don’t even try something else before they start with this? (When I say “this kind of job”, I mean the easily appraisable salary – what is, most of the time, very far from that you can earn in sales positions-, and I have no problem with them.)

I have the feeling that I am not alone with this challenge. Not just in Hungary but neither in Europe. Or maybe everywhere?

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published on LinkedIn 23/02/2015 by Business Management Hungary