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Recruiting mystery

While the average unemployment in 2014 in the EU was 10,3%, in the euro area was 11.6%, in all Europe was between 25,1% (Spain) and 4,7% (Austria), in Hungary it was 8,2%.

It’s not my job and responsibility to judge the statistics above (source and source), they may be true or even cosmetically euphemistic. This is not the point. Neither the point is not that unemployment exists. It has always existed.

The point is -and this is my problem and I believe that this is a huge problem: even if I am offering a correct job, with legal labour contract, with the possibility to earn a really big ammount of monthly wage it is extremely difficult to find people who wants to WORK or better to name it to MAKE MONEY.
And the situation is even more crazy when I am willing to hire people to sales job.

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In a country like Hungary, where there is a big unemployment (yes I admit: I think that the real unemployment is higher than 8,2%), many people even the young ones do not speak languages, where the average salary is net 151 000 HUF (cca. 600 USD, source), where the minimal salary is net 68 775 HUF (cca. 275 USD!), where the best job positions are for friends or for a friend’s friend, where you have to work about 1 hour for a Big Mac … so where people do really need work and salary, how come that people do not want to work? Ok, not for any prices, but as I told above I am offering a correct job. Not easy, but correct.

And I think this is the problem here. Sorry, for sure there are many-many exceptions, but I think lazyness, the leak of self confidence and the deception about what people think about themselves (in both positive and negative directions) are the main problems.

When you are out of the high school why you want … why you expect a net 200 000 HUF starting salary? When you are out of the college or university why you are excepting a 250-300 000 HUF starting salary? I mean here in Hungary? Or, when I am telling you that you will be able to make this money, even more, why you start to cry that you have to work in the week ends also? How you want to work and rest in the same time? Why you do not believe that if other men and women were able to learn what and how they have to do, you can do it as well?
No, I am not looking for slaves and I am not expecting something “mission impossible”, neither I am not offering MLM job. Again: I offer a correct sales job. A relevant, normal, operating job with a company who is in the country for 5+ years. And has income.

I know that here should come the solution. The happy end. But this time I am kind of adviceless. I don’s say that there is no chance to hire employees. And not just average ones. But it is a though nut to crack. (Maybe this nut is rotten already?)
Also, when I was talking to one of my friends who has been working in HR field for at least 6 years, also today she does at HVG, she enforced me that what I see is just the tip of the iceberg. Also my partners at several job advertising companies are on the same point of view.

So the question is open, the mystery is not solved yet. We can get in the deep details but … till there will not be light in the heads both of the employees and of the employers as well -yes I know, it is much easy to find a jerk employer than a good employee-, finding the best ones will stay the privilege of patients.


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