You spend two third of your life wearing underpants

I was reading a book in the last few days and I found there this sentence. Do you want to know how all this comes to a business management agency? In this post I am unraveling the mystery.

As the owner of a business management agency I have to qualify myself all the time. In one hand because there are several fields of my company where we can all the time act better and better. In the other hand many times improvement is needed to give even higher level professional service to our Clients.


This specific time the reason was a third matter: one of our partners asked me to give sales training to her employees. So I was reading about client acquisition to repeat the basics. Everybody knows that sometimes it’s not easy to talk about something what you know well or what you “just do” every day to people who hear something the very first time.

So in this book I read the sentence in the title. This was written on the package of an underpants brand and was continuing like this: Spend three minutes to understand why it worth to buy the best! And after there were a very nice description why they think that their brand is the best.

By this a thought came to my mind: why I couldn’t describe my opinion about why I thought that my company was the best on the market as well? After all: I could repeat my Clients’ words about responsibility and reliability. About frankness and my personal approach. And of course about the maximalist work method that I don’t let things undone.

But instead slapping my own back I decided to write about our job and about the advantages of working with a business management agency. First of all, where the term business management agency is coming from?

First things first: by searching this term at Google in the end of 2015 I haven’t found any website mentioning or referring to a company as a business management agency in the first twenty pages. So if we can say that the thing what is not on the beginning of the hit list of Google doesn’t exist, I can proudly state that probably I created this expression first in all over the World. (I can’t wait those e-mail what will prove the opposite.) :)

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By definition an agency is a fiduciary relationship between two parties in which one (the ‘agent’) is under the control of (is obligated to) the other (the ‘principal’) . The agent is authorized by the principal to perform certain acts, for and on behalf of the principal. –as we can read at Business Dictionary.

Or, it might also mean a business that provides a particular service or a government department that is responsible for a particular or specific activity or area.

So, if we mix the meanings and compare against business management, we will get a business management agency.

Though I am infatuated about my company still I believe by heart that there is a lot of sense of working with an agency specified to a given field. Business Management Hungary’s main strength is to help foreign companies to expand and to start their business in Hungary. Such as handling the related business immigration matters.

Saving money

Not going to far: one of the highest tax is the collection of those contributions what are on the salary. The salary’s taxes are not deductible like the VAT content of an agency’s invoice.

An agency doesn’t necessarily have to hire employees as she can work and agree with subcontractors. That’s why we can keep our prices on a very reasonable level. I give job to my partners, I have less expenses, you get better prices than someone getting in the office of my partners and ordering a service. Everybody is happy.

Saving time

Also, as time is money, you will save a lot of time and money by contracting reliable and already proven subcontractors who we will suggest you.

Such as finding employees what nowadays is not an easy process. Especially into lower level positions.

Professional partners

Like I mentioned above we are working with proven professionals who are on their field for at least a decade. Specified lawyers, accountants, auditors, immigration advisers, marketing-, PR- and online presence (SEO) experts, business development and financial specialists, real estate service providers, office building operators, people with great references in the field of HR and coaching, etc. And we still didn’t mention their business relationships, what together makes a really wide business network. At your service.

Remote controlling

If someone owns an international business he might travel from country to country, from one continent to another very often. Because of this, and also because of immigration matters, it makes controlling a business much more effective and easy if you have to be in touch with one person or with one local company who takes care of your business.

We know the market

If you are coming with your international team, they might bring the company values, the inner habits and the international experience, what are all very important. But in lack of the local cultural and market experience they might get disappointed and stay without results. Plus, with this advantage we can help your entry to the market being much faster.

Reducing administrative burdens

By letting the administrative obligations to a business management agency you might get rid of the payroll and any other administrations. In some cases you can eliminate them totally.

So with all the advantages, Business Management Hungary implements this sound and conscious optimizing and efficiency increasing point of view during its job.


There are many kind of agencies. Just in business life we can list marketing, PR, model, communication, advertising, sales, retail, etc. agencies. From now on we can distinguish business management agency as well. And you can reach us whenever -with or without wearing that underpants!

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