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Business consultation in Hungary has its specialties. The market is not huge. Many consultant gained his experience only in the local environment. Many of them just copy the foreign idols but they are not able to implement the knowledge to the local needs and habits. And of course, the SME sector – especially micro companies- has its own challenges. Most of the time their last thought is to spend on advisors. Finally, we are just about getting out of the last financial recession. So what you can expect when it comes to business consultation in Hungary and at Business Management Hungary?

First of all, starting business in a foreign country is all the time full with challenges. Even if it’s Business Management Hungary or someone else, try to find a local expert before setting up your company. We know the local habits, the rules and Acts, and we can find for you the best matching solutions to your needs. Usually this is the very first and one of the mostly considerable advice we give to our Clients.

Trust, safety and quality are more than important. That’s why as the first so called business management agency we are working just with tried, great experts. Most of them are on the field for decades with a great number of successful projects.

The owner of Business Management Hungary was the CEO of an international cosmetics brand’s Hungarian subsidiary. Working with foreign owners. Gaining experience in an international retail market. Creating the corporate atmosphere. Preparing and cooperating in starting-up new subsidiaries in another countries. Bringing home experience both from Western-European and Far-East subsidiaries. All this –and much more-, completed with our Professional board’s experience makes Business Management Hungary able of becoming a strong and very beneficial partner for you when you are founding your company in Hungary.

Business Management Hungary - Business Consultation in Hungary

Adorján Tóth, founder and owner
Business Management Hungary

We have several solutions for our Clients. You can assign us based on hourly fee or with whole projects. What’s more, we are able to become part of your team, digging ourselves deep into your company providing Operations Management or Interim Management up on request.

Also, in case of an already working firm an outer expert might all the time give you a new point of view, might warn you to those smaller-bigger pitfalls what are hiding from you. Cash flow or tax optimization? Ineffective sales team? You feel that you are working 24/7? Or you are planning changes in your marketing strategy? Well, contact us and let us prove you that our slogan works: we solve problems!

In a wider meaning of business consultation in Hungary, as we can read in a study, from those who participated in the research, in 2013 just 18% reached more than 20% income increase. The mostly growing area was Operations Management, the mostly weakening was Strategy and HR. Especially HR is surprising as a very important point of making employment and expenses optimized to develop the disposable work force, making them more effective. The raison probably is that the market became full.

Also it had been told that the image of consulting profession fell (42%) though almost 43% expects a positive change in it in the next years.

The biggest expectations are in: Operations Management, Project Management, Change Management, IT, System Development and Integration.

At Business Management Hungary we can not argue with the result of this study. Still, or exactly because of this, we do our job different. We do not provide one single service. If you are interested in what we mean, please read “this page” of ours.

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