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The first but not last

My first First Monday story had happened almost a week ago. Meaning that I participated on the event called First Monday organized by EEF and I think that I owe to you (and to myself as well) to write a short brief about it.

If I should make it really short I would just say “see you there guys next time”. Meaning that it was awesome. But I do not have to sooo … let’s write some more.

First things first: because of my built-in lazyness I almost skipped it as it was raining, the place of the event was easy to approach but parking was a mission impossible. But I gave my word to Tamas BANKI so I caught a taxi.

Already in the taxi I got a nice surprise: the driver used to be business man in Malta -where before I planned to export very high quality mineral water. I am lenghtening this for a long time because of several more important projects. I didn’t even have time to do some market research neither. But the driver’s story made me calm down. He was running hungarian wine shop and also planned to bring there mineral water -a well-known from Hungary. It was not possible to make it profitable because of the costs and the specific business environment there.
(I think he should had brought there own branded water or a new brand, so maybe this was the point where he lost this battle. Bzt at least this stone doesn’t push my foot now for a while.)

After arriving to the place of the First Monday still there were just a few people but soon just like within half an hour we upgraded to about 60 (eve more) participants.

The first thing why I really enjoyed this “meetup” or “networking business meeting” was that there were no led topics with given time intervals. There were no unnatural self-introdutions. And somehow … all the situation was like effectively natural and productive.

Secondly, the host Mr. Peter B. Zaboji about 20 seconds after the arrival of a small group with whom I arrived as well, came with a nice and huge “hello”, introduced himself, gave instructions where to go, etc. So we didn’t find ourselves “lost”.

As far as I know there were no closing time of the event but the 3 hours what I spent there just rushed. During this time I met two guys I knew from the past; changed like six business cards – what doesn’t look a lot but with each person we were talking about whole projects especially start-up projects -; I was talking with about other three person who was good to talk with but we did not have common way; right on the place I got a “potential order” from a man whosse friend is planning to open natural cosmetics business. (I had to refuse it because of etical reasons: Seacret has exclusivity on me.)

Aaaaaand … I got to hear from a training: Management by Jesus. Everybody can decide what to think about it based just on the title.

The only thing that I regret that even if we introduced to each other with Mr. Zaboji we couldn’t speak a lot. No problem, next time.

Well in the end what I can say? Every minute worthed to me what I’ve spent there. I really appreciate that I could be there, I see the potential in theese meetings what is really different from thoose I had ever been.

See you guys next time, next year.


Business Management Hungary


published on LinkedIn 7/12/2014 by Business Management Hungary