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First Mondays by EEF

Next monday on the 1st, December I am going to check in to the event called First Monday. In Budapest the Europen Entrepreneurship Foundation (by Peter B. Zaboji) organizes this one every first monday of each month. It’s about networking, startups, entrepreneurship, business connections and relationships. And Business Management Hungary is about these as well.

Tamas BANKI a.k.a “DrLinkedin” invited me after a small conversation when I told him that I am ready to expand my business activity via Business Management Hungary.


I told him that after had been participating a few (really not too many) Meetups and Master Mind groups I do not believe that I will find myself in this community but well … he was right: what I can loose?

Here are the details. (Update: this link had been removed already. The program was here.)

So I give an other chance to … to who? To theese events? To myself? Who knows?!
Maybe to Mr. Peter B. Zaboji who is also known like the pope of startups in Hungary? :) No, this was too immodest. Of course I give the chance to myself.

Before finishing this post I must to mention the power of positive thinking and the power of being the “Yes Man”.
In the last weeks or months I am forcing myself to think of new … possibilities. What had happened?
I got in touch with a russian vodka factory in order to find for them market in Hungary, with a russian investor willing to buy dozens of apartments, with a hungarian company who sais that it’s easy to stop smoking, with two israeli guys who are willing to start business in Budapest and with an investor who is looking for investments and is ready to export goose and duck (liver, meat, etc.) to Denmark and to Romania. (And maybe vodka as well?) :)
And this is still not everything. What is this if not a very nice begenning of something new?

So let’s go, let’s start or re-start something new. I am going to my first First Monday. Business cards are loaded.

In the end here is an interview with Mr. Peter B. Zaboji. It’s hungarian but if you can read it … I guess you will like it as well.



Business Management Hungary

published on LinkedIn 26/11/2014 by Business Management Hungary