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Lock problems -subcontractors again

The more you need the more it costs …

Just happened to me a few hours ago…


In the morning my girlfriend who was about to leave the city closed the door while I was awating her in the car. Everything went fine when -about 30 min after her leaving- suddenly I realized that she didn’t give me back my keys.

It was cold outside, I was close to die for the paleolit-meatloafs she made during the weekend -I was soooo hungry… And I had to find a locksmith. A subcontractor. Again.

There were three phonenumbers saved in my cellphone: one didn’t answer, the second asked 8000 huf (cca 32 usd) for a 10 minutes job but he told that he can not just open the door he must to impair my lock and after I have to buy a new lock, the cheapest is 6500 huf. I told him to wait I must to find someone who can do it without abusing my lock but if his offer becomes relevant I will call him. Ok …The third I didn’t try as I knew that they work for a horroristic price.

Well… Google is my friend, I tried unknown locksmith entrepreneurs’ phonenumbers.
The first didn’t answer.
The second told that he can come to my place in 45 minutes and will cost 8000 huf.
The third didn’t answer.
The forth told that just to come costs 15 000 huf … and here I stopped him and told thanks you but for sure you will not come to fix it for this price -and I told a nice good bye.

Let’s summerize: out of 7 entrepreneurs 3 didn’t answer the phone. 4 was as expensive that I decided to find an alternative solution.

Expensive? Just to make it clear: in Hungary the average salary for all the country now in 2014 is net 151 100 huf (source). Meaning that someone who works in full time the average daily wedge is 6868 huf.

So what theese stupid people think? How come that theese kind of people can make business or even more thay can survive? Who is the stupid who first time paid this extremely high ammount for a 10 minutes job? Why most of the hungarian subcontractors wants to get rich on one job? Ununderstandable…

People of Hungary, wake up!

Business Management Hungary

For the end: the alternative solution (a.k.a the way of Business Management Hungary) and a good news.

I figured out to tell to my girlfriend to meet a guy who was advertising a share-car offer from the city she went to the capital, Budapest. It’s true that I should had spent a few more hours in the office without the meatballs of my girlfriend but I could had saved a daily average salary of an average hungarian person. (Unbelievable!) It belongs to the truth that the guy asked 500 huf for the favour but still!

End the good news: my girl friend left my keys in the car what she forgot to tell me and also forgot generally … so in the end the meatballs couldn’t escape. End thanks to this I was able to write this post as well.


Business Management Hungary

published on LinkedIn 17/11/2014 by Business Management Hungary