Hard to find a good subcontractor? Not, with Business Management Hungary

It’s never easy to find good and reliable partners. Neither in the 21st century. Neither in the age of information.

The 21st century. The age of information. And you have a good business or at least just a good idea. And … it looks to be difficult to find someone who can give you professional skilled work?


The 21st century. The age of disoccupation. And still … everybody cries that he doesn’t have a job but when you want to give him he acts like he wants to become rich on this single job? Or he sais that he wouldn’t work on the weekend/at night? Even if we talk about carpenters, electricians or whatever … you find the same shit?

And you just get enough of this? I can understand that. After working for more than 5 years with subcontractors still I find people who are like thoose who I am thinking on above. What we can do?

Business Management Hungary

Try one after the other till you find THE ONE. Or maybe to ask some of your friends on LinkedIn or Facebook (by phone? personally?) to advise someone? The first may be a waste of money and time. The second sounds better, maybe you will have luck.
Or you can ask help from someone who works with theese kind of “vultures” for years and knows how to talk to them.

Whatever solution you choose in the end it worth the best to make and keep a good and reliable relationship with him. It also gives you some advantage if you can give continous work for him. But you must wait the same from him as well: good relationship and loyalty. Stay calm and polite but do not be afraid to make him understand that your are the client, you pay so he must to do what you need. Also: if he hasn’t done the job like you wanted: you don’t have to pay for the job. He works for you, he doesn’t make favour.

Be strong. Know your rights. Or ask help in case …



Business Management Hungary


Published on LinkedIn 13/11/2014 by Business Management Hungary