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A never ending, all the time relevant topic. Especially in these days, when nothing is sure and everything can be changed by one day to the other. Bank interest are on the ground, the trust of people reeled in broker companies. What to do with the money in the “pillowcase”? What to invest in Hungary?

Probably we’d better make differences between companies and private person for a deep analysis but now let’s just talk about it general. What makes an ideal investment?


– Easy to liquidate.

– Capital and interest is guaranted.

– High profit (>30% yearly).

invest in hungary

If you find something like this -be very carefull. I guess you understand why: there is a high chance that cheaters are behind. Just imagine, if it would be a normal investment, everybody would invest here. Why they don’t?

Hereinunder we are going to check the main investment possibilities. Not just for- but similarly relevantly to those who are thinking of invest in Hungary.

Bank products

Well, bank-products are safe, but they do not bring enough interest. Mainly, if they are for a fix time period and we want to exit before the end.


We can keep our local currency in other currencies. For example buying EUR or USD for HUF was a good investment if someone did it in the begenning of 2015.

State funds

State funds also look like to be safe and bring 2-3% higher interest than bank savings.


Oil and other hydrocarbon derivates’ prices stopped raising thanks to alternative energy sources. Be careful, this might bring unforseeable consequences in many industry branches.


There are some mainstream technologies which also might be good to invest in, just like 3D printing, wood installation, marihuana -meaning the stocks of companies working in this field. I would rate also: IT, robotics, drones, pharmaceutical industry.


It’s also an option to invest into startups or other, already working companies. For example if you can buy share in a company, working in retail field and “impexing” or selling big quantities: probably you will make money.

Gold and silver

Even if in the last year both gold and silver costs less, still, both of these precious metals look to be good and stable investments.

Real Estate

Here is a good overview about this type of invest in Hungary. After the crysis the real estate market looks to revive. In the capital, the mostly searched areas are: close to subway no. 4, 5th district and the Buda side’s luxory districts. For investors who wants to let the immovables, an other point of view is the size. The smaller the better. The 1-1,5 room apartments are the most frequently bought -and sold as well.

First and last: limit the ammout you want to invest; define your ability and willingness to take risk and finally, specify your profit goal. After all this you can start to find the best and personalized way of investment fitting to you. Good luck!


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published on LinkedIn 25/06/2015 by Business Management Hungary