Why to believe and to be patient? – my success story

I am going to write about my last 15 years and not about religious beliefs. After graduating from high school I started my medical doctor studies. Retospectively it seemed to me a waste of time. Why did I start it after all? And why now doesn’t I feel it a waste now? My success story comes next.

My success story roots in my early childhood when I was so lucky that I could get acquinted with my first “what are you going to be when you are adult?” dream. I was working like a cowboy. Yes, literally. Taking care of cows while riding on a horse.


That experience and also the connected ones drove me to the wish to become a veterinary. I don’t want to talk about all the details but shortly: those were the best times of my life.

Because of the above I must had chosen favourite subjects at school. Or at least less hated ones. And after I started going down this way: having discussions with vets, working in vet’s office, talking to other healthcare workers, human health as well. And by getting in touch with “life”, I realized that as a vet I have hard limitations when it comes to income. Probably not as severe as teachers, but still not something I was happy about. I also saw that as a human doctor those limitations are much less restriciting. So, I changed my study plans and I gained admission to one of the medical universities in Hungary.

Here I, or some adult in my close environtment should had already realized that I am much more motivated by money (and plenty of other considerations) than by factors needed to successfully pass this course. Take for example my goal wish to become a gynecologist: I was looking mostly at the Mercedeses and Audis parking all the time in front of the department and not at other soul-based or professional aspects.

This fact brought its direct and predictable consequences meaning that I left the university after 5 spent and 2 passed years. Meanwhile, I learnt many things by myself and from businessmen (both by reading and by personal conversations), however, I still did not consider this a breakthrough.

How wrong was I! It was a breakthrough, on a subcoscious level. I just could not recognize it. Leaving the medical university: I guess, this is where my success story started. Let me tell you how…

One time, I had just finished my biweekly big shopping, and I was waiting for the bus with a friend of mine near the hypermarket, when I looked at the shop and I said:

If once I could get the key of Tesco, I don’t know how, I don’t know in how much time, but I know for sure that I would be able to manage it.

That was another of my wishes. As I am not coming from an entrepreneur family, I didn’t have the chance to learn, to see what it means to lead or own a company, I couldn’t live in an entrepreneurial life. So I slowly started to realise that something was missing from my life, but I didn’t know that, that thing was a mentor. All the time I kept saying something like this:

I wish there would be someone, an entrepreneur or a company who would like to start or expand her business in Hungary. I knew that I could have helped her because I was able to do it.

So again, someone, who puts his trust in me, who sees the possibility and the ability in me and of course for who I can work with and I can learn from.

Wishes don’t come true for everybody – certainly not all the time – and definitely not the time you imagine them. Hence, I had to figure out what I am willing to do with my life.
After playing with the thought of moving to London I decided to stay and learn marketing (still not business), move to Budapest and start a new life there. In the meanwhile, I saw that marketing courses were quite common, so I changed to communications and electronic press specialization, and wrote my thesis in PR subject, beacuse I really wanted to touch as many facets of the subject as possible.

But I still didn’t find “my way”. I was working in call center, for off-line newspapers, as a lead consultant of personality tests for an adult educational company, I was administrator of websites, I had been cheated by an employer, I had to refuse dream-like job offers because something was not smelling right there… and still: was thinking a lot about the “Tesco manager position” and about someone who could teach me business during work.

And suddenly, after leaving a position, I decided to rest for a few months before I set up to find an other job, my dream came true. My success story “came true”.
I got a phonecall from a friend of mine saying that there was a guy from Israel who needed help starting business in Hungary, in cosmetics. First in Budapest, targeting malls. First I thought that it was some kind of mlm business – which has a bad ring in Hungary – but shortly several things were revealed, like:

– he really needed someone to represent him/his retail business
– it was a global brand
– we were destinated to work together: we shaked hands, smiled at each other … and it was almost 6 years ago
– it is possible to become friends with your boss
– it is possible to become partners with your (ex-)boss
– you can do business by heart and not just by brain or along interests
– if you feel the ability inside you, probably it is there; you just need to find the way how to bring it to the surface
– daring to dream with the power to sustain might bring results
– if you are sure that you could do something: focus on that; this is how your hobby becomes your job, or the opposit: your job your hobby
– if you arrive somewhere: do not waste your time but start to explore the possibilities, learn and do networking

This cooperation was in the same time the begenning of my next goal. Or, how I like to think of it: the beginning of my new success story: to start my own business. This is how today’s Business Management Hungary was conceived.



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