Investing in Hungary

Investing in Hungary as an issue has to be separated into two different parts from our point of view. Into the first part those requests and questions belong what our Clients addressed to us. (Mainly about asking for information what to invest in.) The second is meant the general information about the opportunities, advantages and benefits of investing in Hungary.

The circle of the general information is quite exact as there are some facts what make Hungary a number one investment destination for investors.

Geographical situation
Hungary is located in the middle of Europe and is a kind of gate between East and Central- Europe, also member of the Schengen area. By developing a great infrastructural network it is connected to all the neighbour countries such as to all the other European countries. For investors especially for third country citizens who are about starting a business in Hungary, this country is a great choice because of its optimal distance from the other EU members and from the non-EU member countries too.

A maximum of 2% of Local Business Tax and 10% or 19% of Corporate Tax (under and above 500 M HUF of tax base). Signed Double Taxation Treaties with about 80 countries. The levied 27% of VAT –except of some instances- is 100% reducible with the VAT amount of your company’s expenses. Fair enough?

Governmental support
The Government founded the HIPA what is an obvious sign that it welcomes FDI. What’s more in case of some fields encourages investors. The Government’s key sectors are Automotive Industry, Electronics, Shared Service Centers, Information and Communications, Food industry, Life Science, Logistics and Renewable energy. Above this R&D activities might gain extra incentives as support.

Business Management Hungary - Investing in Hungary

Business Management Hungary – Investing in Hungary

Competitive workforce
Comparing to the Western-European countries in Hungary the wages are quite low. Still, the people are well trained and more and more young people realize the importance of learning foreign languages.

Hungarian Investment Residency Program
Participate Europe’s most attractive investment bond program and gain residency permit for you and for your family members under one procedure plus limitless travel in the Schengen Zone.

In the other hand, at Business Management Hungary we are aware of giving factual investment tips. The reason is that in spite of being a business management agency and that we have gained a lot of experience at a lot of business fields after- and during the years, our best practice is different. If someone assigns us analyzing a business opportunity we can do it. But offering opportunities doesn’t belong to our main profile.

Of course we can make market research or offer opinion but: your business is your business. We can tell to our Clients the custom- or the relevant taxation rules for an import-export company, we can inform them about the expectable expenses of renting a shop or an office, such as telling them the steps of the procedure of starting a business in Hungary.

But it’s not consequential that the Client will be able to adapt to our idea we advise him. The human factor will always be there. The fact: how the Client will feel with that tip. How he will handle the challenges of a business we suggested him. This is the only thing what we can not answer and what we do not want to tell to our Clients.

So figure out what you want to do, come to us with your own idea. And Business Management Hungary will do everything it can to make it come true. After all: we solve problems!

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