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Lawyers in Hungary, but probably everywhere, has several groups based on what they are specialized to. We know that there are no more renaissance men: the more specialized we are, the deeper we can dig ourselves into our own field, the higher quality service we can provide.

Let’s see what lawyers Business Management Hungary cooperates with.

But first, if you came here because you need legal consultation: you are at the best place. Click on the following picture and tell us what you need help in! Our partners are outstanding experts at their field.

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Corporate Law
As most of our Clients are looking for lawyers in Hungary because of company foundation or because they are about doing business in Hungary, we start with Corporate Law.

Corporate law (also “company” or “corporations” law) is the practice or study of how shareholders, directors, employees, creditors, and other stakeholders such as consumers, the community, and the environment interact with one another. (by Wikipedia) If we leave the official definition and take a look at the practical point of view, a corporate lawyer:

– gives preliminary legal consultation based on your business plans and goals,
– incorporates your company,
– makes or supervises your labor or lease contracts,
– represents you in front of some authorities,
– helps you to stay secured when you are about to buy real estate,
– and generally: might be continuously at your service during the daily operation with consultation.

Taxation Law
There are legal consultants and tax consultants. But are there experts who feel home at both fields? You will see, your bookkeeper will many times say that “this belongs to your lawyer”, and also, your lawyer will answer many times: “this is a taxation related question”. You can choose to ask two different people about the same questions and also, you can choose to ask one expert who can answer from both points of view. Make no mistake, the taxation lawyer will not do your bookkeeping but he is perfectly updated in the applicable acts to taxation, able to advice about tax planning and represent you in wealth gain investigations.

Customs Law
When you are about to trade with goods what are under the regulations of customs law, if you have a flat price agreement with your lawyer, you might save money and avoid mistakes with the customs clearance.

Media Law, Copyright Law
Not too many lawyers in Hungary are dealing with specific media law though most of the companies are using media surfaces, or at least one: the internet. What’s more, uploading own content to the internet, to your own website most of the time goes hand in hand with copyright related questions. If your intellectual property is important for you, do not hesitate and ask for our services!

Immigration Law
Last but not least, one of our most important strength is immigration law. Our partner is on her field for more than 30 years now, she runs business in foreign countries as well. Staying permit, working permit, family unification, residency bond program, and all the possible other options what might bring someone to Hungary both from inside or outside of the Schengen Zone. All are going to be handled –if it’s allowed by the law.

Business Management Hungary - Doing Business in Hungary

Business Management Hungary – Doing Business in Hungary

Of course our lawyers in Hungary are also able to handle other kind of cases as well, above we listed just the most relevant ones in a business relation.

At last what we have to mention is the way of communication of our colleagues. Lawyers in Hungary like to act in a role that they are above others. But not at Business Management Hungary! We look at our Clients as partners. We sit next to them. We all the time try to identify ourselves with the Client and his goals. He gets into the middle. And, you might like this or not, we prefer easy, informal communication. Why to speak the professional terms, why to use lingo, when we can make ourselves understood in a common language?

So, to the end, if you need lawyers in Hungary, if you need legal consultation or consultation about any of the above, contact Business Management Hungary!

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